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Ever dreamt of having a portrait of your children, animals or even family painted?

Ever dreamed of having your own vision in a canvas?


I take commissions; please email me at rebeccacrystalpereira@gmail to find out more. 

Artist Statement

Rebecca Pereira


I’ve always been inspired by colour, history and people. It allows me to achieve a relationship as an artist between the viewer and subject matter. Whilst my passion lies within painting, I try to incorporate elements of photography, printmaking and sculpture at times to help further my practice. I enjoy creating or re-creating experiences to convey a message, where I hope to get a response from the viewer.

I find it vital as an artist to not limit myself, which is why during my artistic years, I have been researching and creating art that has meaning to me. From combining classical to contemporary, form my mixed culture and heritage, these aspects have inspired me in my approach to art.

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