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To many people, light has many differed connotations; to literal light from the sun, to a lost memory hidden underneath forgotten pictures. Light acts as a portal to the imagination, which in my case, was through my interpretation and concept of social context. Through my final piece I wanted to explore both the judgement and misjudgement, the criticism and approval between different coloured skin. Although we are constantly judged, it is important to remember that you and me, stripped from everything we own and have, we become equals. ‘Equals’ as in even though we appear different, we have the power and light to all be the same. Using acrylics on canvas, I used the portrayal of two girls as a symbol of this misconstrued appearance. These figures fade in both colour, style and formation as we progress to the left of the two canvases, which demonstrates that too our differences should fade away because we are human beings. Inspired by Rosanna Jones unidentifiable portraiture to Duarte Vitoria’s cryptic counterbalance of overlapped figures, the term equipoise recognises us all.

Acrylics on Canvas

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