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Rebecca Pereira was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, with roots from Portugal. Pereira is based between United Arab Emirates and Portugal and has a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Design.


Her practice explores themes of identity and society in a personal context.  Rebecca has participated in various exhibitions and is an emerging artist.

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2016 - Mr Briggs Artist Award - Dubai, UAE

2017 - Islamic Art Festival Participants - Sharjah, UAE

2018 - Annual Exhibition of Emirates Fine Arts Society - Sharjah UAE

2018 - Dubai Design District, Art Hub Dubai: Colours of Spring - Dubai, UAE

2018 - Maraya Art Centre Exit Show - Sharjah, UAE

2018 - Contemporary Artists from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain Imago Mundi - Treviso Italy

2019 - a5zine September Interview

2019 - Project Sylvia Emerging Female Artists Interview

2019 - Fortaleza Art Show - Fortaleza Da Luz, Portugal 

2020 - Solo Exhibition: "So close but so far: A look in culture and identity."

2020 - UAE Is Your Home Group exhibition

2021 - RAKFAF Festival 2021



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